Abraham Negaresh – Senior Process Engineer, WRc plc

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    Abraham is a senior process engineer at WRc plc with more than nine years’ experience working in engineering consulting and applied research environments both in Australia and in the UK. He is a Chartered Engineer who has worked in various municipal and industrial water/wastewater treatment projects. His experience includes process engineering for energy companies, commissioning and operating various pilot plants (eg. Ion Exchange, Membrane filtration) and assisting with engineering design of a desalination plant in Australia. He holds a PhD in recycling and reuse of industrial wastewater.

    Presentation Title: Water Recycling and Reuse: Drivers and Opportunities.

    Water consumption has increased due to the global development and population growth and predicted to double by 2025. Consequently, industries have been facing substantial challenges including caps on fresh water intake, stringent regulations on wastewater discharge quality and quantity, cost of water and dependency on water for business growth.

    This presentation provides an overview of the water consumption within various industries and discusses the concept of water recycling and reuse. It elaborates on the future demands, typical technologies used and the potential end-users for the treated water. In addition, it provides a discussion on upcoming innovative solutions for water reuse.


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