Adam Hall – Head of Sustainability, Surfdome

  • Adam Hall is the Head of Sustainability at Surfdome, Europes largest action sport retailer. He grew up in the rolling hills and gentle surf of the South West of the UK, which shaped his passion for Surfing and an appreciation of the natural world, all enhanced by a lifetime of traveling.

    He has spent almost his entire working life weaving his way through every aspect of the surfing industry from the humble beginnings of the local surfboard factory.  A journey that provided opportunities to travel the world and years living in Australia and New Zealand.

    Eventually taking a break from the surf industry and founding an environmental company aiding business to become more sustainable.

    Adam is now relishing combining both his passions as head of sustainability within the surfing industry and is currently in the process of ‘Greening ‘the company, with a key focus on single use plastic. Which involves eliminating plastic from the businesses operation, currently the equivalent of 1.2 million plastic bottles removed and rising internally, and working on the broader potential which lies within the companies influence amongst the industry it operates.

    While supporting The Plastic Project and #2MinuteBeachClean.

    All of which is delivered from a highly sustainable, state-of-the-art warehouse that has minimal co2 emissions.

    Adam has a business degree from Exeter University and holds numerous environmental assessment qualifications, he’s happiest being on top of salty water, below and everything in between in new far-flung places (with no marine litter!) with his young family.


    Title: Influencing change, Marine plastic crisis

    Synopsis: Businesses are in a unique position to influence rapid change to solve the marine plastic crisis. They have the ability to change within one quarter, unlike consumer behaviour or government policy which are take notoriously long to change. Businesses can not only change internally quickly, they can influence the businesses they deal with, influence their customer base and prove to government that policy change should be implemented.




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