Alan Griffiths – Principal Consultant, Cambashi

  • Alan is a Principal Consultant with Cambashi where he researches, advises and writes on new technology, with a focus on the industrial IoT.

    Prior to joining Cambashi, he worked for Delcam plc, now part of Autodesk, the CADCAM and PLM company.

    He has an Engineering degree from Cambridge University.


    Title: Connected Applications and the IoT: What this means to Manufacturing and the Supply Chain

    Synopsis: As the technology matures, the more advanced providers are using the IoT to develop applications that can be easily implemented to achieve specific outcomes in manufacturing and supply chain operations.

    The term ‘IoT’ might not appear in the application name; the key theme is ‘connected’.

    This presentation will outline some of these applications, their main providers, and how beneficial outcomes can be achieved.


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