Ben Hazard – Process Engineer, Trant Engineering Ltd

    Ambitious young process engineer working in the Water Sector with previous experience working for Affinity Water and now working on the contracting side for Trant Engineering. Ben is part of the newly established innovation team at Trant and is driving the development and implementation of advanced technologies into Trant’s process solutions

    Title: Advanced technologies and engineering design for a sustainable future – a contractor’s perspective

    Synopsis: The ever-increasing pressure from regulators and the public for higher quality drinking water and wastewater at reduced customer bills is driving the need for sustainability within the water sector. Because of this, water companies are exploring more innovative and advanced technologies to truly optimise their treatment processes, and as a contractor we need to be ready. To meet the new needs of the clients, Trant Engineering are expanding their in-house capabilities to allow for the development and implementation of advanced treatment technologies, as well as providing an offsite manufacture and assembly (OMA) approach for packaged solutions. The presentation today will outline Trant’s new in-house capabilities as well as introduce some of advanced technologies that have been developed in partnership with the Austrian technology specialists SFC Umwelttechnik.


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