Emma Hancock – Senior Business Change Manager, Network Rail – UK

    • Emma Hancock – Senior Business Change Manager, Network Rail – UK's presentations

    Emma Hancock previously undertook a Manufacturing and Focused Improvement graduate scheme at Nestle which involved undertaking multiple placements across UK&I factories to review and improve current manufacturing operations which ranged from confectionery to infant nutrition. Emma then undertook a project management role within the Network Rail Track Department and has been responsible for launching and running their National Continuous Improvement Programme over the past 3 years. Emma is passionate about creating a culture of continuous improvement across all levels of the organisation, ensuring there is adequate governance in place for the resultant improvement initiatives and recognising those who have successfully delivered business benefits.

    Title: Network Rail Track Team – Our Continuous Improvement Journey

    Synopsis: In September 2015 the Network Rail Track Department launched their national Continuous Improvement Programme, which was developed in response to the 2014 Christmas Engineering Works overrun at Kings Cross which hit the national headlines. The ultimate aim was to enable colleagues to challenge traditional ways of working and provide training so all teams could identify and lead continuous improvement (CI) projects in their area. Two and a half years later, 700 improvement projects have been launched by over 60% of our Track Colleagues and the Track Department have had the best year performance wise – EVER!


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