Harsh Dahiya – Founder & CEO, Harvesto

  • Harsh Dahiya is an entrepreneur & founder of Harvesto, India’s most trusted brand of innovative electronic agriculture products. Harvesto’s digital equipments are functional in 12+ countries & all states of India. Dahiya is also a keynote speaker who has spoken at conferences all over the world. He has advised several organisations, start-ups and entrepreneurs. He has been recognised and invited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to talk about technologies in soil and agriculture. He has many Fortune 500 Indian companies as his customers and has worked closely with many Government departments in India.


    Presentation Title: Electronics Boom & Opportunities in India
    Synopsis of Talk: In the talk, I wish to talk about the boom of electronics in India and the opportunities for electronics companies to enter India and how they can benefit from the huge Indian market and take advantages of special schemes of Government of India under ‘Make in India’ program. I will also showcase how big opportunity lies for electronics companies in sectors like agriculture, security, household etc. It will be a fact based presentation that will be helpful for electronic companies attending the expo.


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