Ines Ajuda – Research manager for the EU food business programme at CIWF

    • Ines Ajuda – Research manager for the EU food business programme at CIWF's presentations

    Inês Grenho Ajuda completed the BSc/MSc in Veterinary Medicine in 2012 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Technical University of Lisbon. After completing her degree she started working on the Animal Welfare Indicators’ Project (AWIN Project), investigating pain an animal welfare assessment.

    Inês joined Compassion in 2015 as a research manager. She uses her experience in the field as well as knowledge of farm animal pain to support the team in its mission of placing farm animal welfare at the heart of the food industry, in addition to continuing to structure the scientific evidence base for Compassion’s in Food Business programme.

    Title: Animal Welfare: a Key part of sustainability

    Synopsis: The food business team of Compassion in World Farming works with food companies to raise the baseline for animal welfare in their supply chains. Animals should have a good quality of life and that should be an incremental part of the food business’ wider sustainability agenda. The resilience of a sustainable system comes with being adaptive, robust and regenerative. The increasing concern of consumers about animal welfare makes it almost impossible not to address it when planning and building a resilient food production system. This presentation will look at how food companies can address animal welfare in their supply chains and integrate it into the wider sustainability agenda.


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