Nausheen Basha, Research Assistant at University of London City

    • Nausheen Basha, Research Assistant at University of London City's presentations

    Nausheen Basha, MSc (Univ. of Manchester), works at Centre for Compressor Technology on research and development of twin screw compressors for major industrial clients. Activities include screw compressor design for better efficiency, improving oil injection system and computational fluid dynamics modelling of multiphase flows in the compression chamber.

    Title: Development of Energy Efficient Oil Flooded Twin Screw Compressors

    Synopsis: Compressors today use about 17% of the world power generation. Developing an energy efficient twin screw compressor would mean that it will consume less power per volumetric flow rate, which will result in its lower specific power consumption. This work focuses on developing a better performing machine by using the advanced tools in industry along, a well laid out design procedure with computational fluid dynamics modelling. These effects will result in a machine that emits less CO2 and has improved power savings.


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