Ramandeep Devgan – NVH Lead / Six Sigma Lead Black Belt, Jaguar Cars Limited

    • Ramandeep Devgan – NVH Lead / Six Sigma Lead Black Belt, Jaguar Cars Limited's presentations

    A Six Sigma Black Belt certified coach with 12 years of global experience in NVH attribute delivery and management across Asia pacific, Japan and the EU. . Raman has successfully delivered projects over sectors ranging from automotive, defence to research etc and published various research papers on continuous improvements, NVH research and development.

    Title: A novel way of NVH target setting and FMA using system engineering principles

    Synopsis: – A novel approach to cascade the vehicle level target to the component – Importance of NVHF methodology (Acceleration, Noise and Force) – Airborne and Structure borne performance customising sound power principle methodology – Modification in ISO standard ISO 3744 FMA and Target cascade Methodology for an interior source of noise. This project is basically looking at Air suspension technology compressor as a noise source inside the cabin and understand the structure borne and airborne noise performance. Further part of this research includes a cascade of vehicle level targets to a component level structure borne and airborne targets based on a British and ISO standard ISO 3744.


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