Richard Hawkins – Business Development Manager

  • Studied Mechanical Engineering (BSc) & Music Technology and Production (BSc). Previous engineering experience in laser marking and materials processing for electrical wire and cable insulation. Former responsibilities included laser applications engineering, research and development and manufacturing system design and modification. Predominantly in automotive with involvement in medical and aerospace.

    Title: A laser is just a laser…right?



    This presentation aims to give a brief insight into laser processing in manufacturing, touching upon the direct and secondary advantages of integrating lasers in production. We aim to give potential users the understanding of what’s possible and the confidence to navigate a potentially confusing market place. TLM Laser’s extensive product portfolio has generated a huge the breadth of market experience. With this in mind, we hope this presentation will cast a wide enough net to attract interest from a range of backgrounds whilst encouraging an interdisciplinary perspective on the provision of laser-based solutions.

    Basic structure of presentation:
    • Speaker introduction/TLM Overview

    • Basic principles of photonics

    • A day in the life of a laser: How laser processing is integrated into everyday life

    • Why chooses laser?

    • How to choose a laser?

    • Value added of lasers in manufacturing: Case study/examples of success



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