Rob McCullagh – Strategic Account Director, Presidion

    For the past 17 years Rob has been helping organisations use their data to answer the business questions that are keeping them awake at night.
    In business his goal is to help provide timely, meaningful and actionable information based on a myriad of data that delivers actionable insight.
    Through the use of Advanced Analytics, he helps deliver answers that get executives excited about what they can now achieve. Data mining is a collaborative process and he typically hears the expression” Now, that’s really interesting” as they uncover new insights about a specific business challenge.

    Title: Reduce inventory levels by up to 50% and optimise reorder points with Presidion Inventory Insights

    Synopsis: Balancing inventory holding levels and service levels is never an easy task. Further, few organisations have the skills, tools or bandwidth to achieve a bird’s eye view of which stock items are fast or slow moving and to continually readjust reorder points based on lead times and distribution frequencies. Presidion Inventory Insights is a visual, interactive, integrated, and preconfigured Analytics based Inventory Management capability. It will help you to idenfity potentially obsolete stock and suggest more optimal reorder points for frequently issued stock items. It also provides a detailed profile and understanding of both the levels of inventory you hold as well as the quality of data maintained.


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