David Griffin – Certified Trainer, Next Action Associates, U.K

    David trained as a mechanical engineer, and spent over a decade designing and building special purpose automation systems for a range of industries, before moving into laboratory instrument R&D. He now works as an engineering consultant helping clients with product & process development challenges in a broad range of industry sectors from confectionary to fuel cells.

    After enjoying the benefits of his own GTD practice for many years, David became a certified GTD trainer in 2016.

    David is one of a team of trainers at Next Action Associates, the only International Partner of the David Allen Company in the United Kingdom and Ireland certified to teach the Getting Things Done® (GTD) methodology.

    Title: GTD – The Art of Stress-free Productivity

    Synopsis: Since the publication of David Allen’s best selling book in 2001, the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) methodology has helped thousands of individuals and teams to deliver on their commitments (both in work and home life) with less stress. GTD has challenged the long held belief that stress is an inevitable pre-requisite for success in the modern world, and enabled practitioners to be more appropriately engaged with their work, their families and their short term and long term goals. And it has enabled people all over the world to achieve more with less time and less stress. A recent survey of people who have undergone the GTD training in the U.K. found that 82% reported they were “considerably or dramatically happier”, and the number who thought they were highly productive increased from less than 30% to more than 80%. This talk will give a brief introduction to the fundamental principles of the methodology, and will show attendees some real tangible behaviour changes they can start putting to work immediately to start reaping the benefits.


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