Dr. Peter Colman – Partner & shareholder, Simon-Kucher & Partners

    Peter joined Simon-Kucher in 2008 and leads the consultancy’s Technology & Industrials practice for the UK. He specialises in Commercial Excellence programmes to address strategy, sales & marketing, pricing and product management topics. He has worked for corporate clients, private equity-backed companies and venture capital-backed start-ups across Europe and North America. Prior to joining Simon-Kucher, Peter worked for digital marketing and technology consultancies focusing on eCommerce and Customer Relationship Management transformation programmes. Peter holds a PhD in Electronics from the University of Cambridge.

    Title: Monetising Innovation: Designing the product around the price?

    Synopsis: Innovation is the most important driver for growth. Consequently companies spend significant expense designing new products/services, yet most struggle to hit their financial targets. What do smart companies do differently to achieve commercial success?


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