Kate Anderson – Managing Director, Breaking Blue

  • Kate heads up (and inspires) BB’s team of insight experts, championing our work and the breakthroughs we bring clients. With 25+ years’ experience in global B2B tech insight, Kate’s a seasoned, dynamic and hands-on researcher.
    Kate’s work – and vision – help businesses to move forward through insight. Her resourcefulness and agile approach to problem-solving ensure we deliver both pragmatic and practical research design; her determination to get to the root of issues drives our focus on clear insights, and her wealth of commercial understanding means we make actionable real-world recommendations.
    Her B2B experience is unparalleled:
    • Kate’s designed and directed studies addressing every flavour of B2B insight need, ranging from market opportunity mapping and new product and service development, to measuring and forecasting market share and size. Her expertise spans product and portfolio optimisation, pricing, messaging, key account studies, satisfaction and segmentation
    • She’s researched an exhaustive range of B2B product and service categories, including 3D printing, specialist materials and ingredients, supply chain and logistics, digitisation, learning and development, food service and franchise operations, computer ad telecoms networks, hardware, software, service and support
    • Her project and client portfolio is truly global, with particular expertise in emerging markets. Kate led our first depth interviews working for HP in post-Glasnost Russia and our first focus groups in China back in the ‘90s. Working on behalf of organisations like 3M and Ahlstrom-Munksjo, her recent projects have taken us deeper into the Middle East and Africa, and into the most remote corners of Asia
    An enemy of weasel words and a big fan of the “So what?” Kate’s projects can be counted on to deliver not just insight, but effect and impact.

    Title: The Fourth Industrial Revolution – let’s not forget the customer

    Synopsis: It’s an exciting time to be in manufacturing: the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, digitisation, supply chain optimisation, university of the shopfloor. There’s every opportunity, every techonology every manufacturing theory there to help improve your operations to build a lean, mean fighting machine. But let’s not forget the customer. This session will show how critical it is to build Voice of the Customer into your change programme to help steer the rate and focus of change. Kate will draw on a range of concrete examples from global key account studies to show how understanding customer needs and building these into your strategy can avoid costly investments and smooth change.


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